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Netgate 4200 MAX pfSense+ Security Gateway

The Netgate 4200 with pfSense Plus software is the most versatile security gateway in its class. The 4200 utilizes the blazing fast performance of 4-core Intel Atom C1110 CPU to achieve benchmark results up to three times faster in routing, firewall forwarding and IPsec VPN than the previous generation of security gateways. The 4200 delivers over 9.2 Gbps of L3 routing across four independent 2.5 GbE flexible WAN/LAN ports.

  •     Desktop form factor
  •     Silent operation (fanless)
  •     Flexible ports for WAN/LAN configuration
  •     Supports multi-WAN (w/load balancing)
  •     Supports High Availability configuration
  •     Fast VPN (Next Generation Atom w/AVX2 and VAES)
  •     pfSense Plus SW w/lifetime upgrades
  •     Includes TAC Lite (TAC Pro/TAC Ent available)
  •     Internal expansion slots

Who is this for?

  •     Home Pro
  •     Branch/Small Business
  •     Medium Business

Netgate 4200 MAX pfSense+ Security Gateway

  • Specificatios:

    • CPU: 4-core Intel® Atom® C1110 @ 2.1 GHz (w/AVX2 a
    • Storage: 16 GB eMMC
    • Memory: 4GB LP DDR5
    • Network Ports: 4 x 2.5 Gbps unswitched (RJ45)
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